Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bonus post: Is that what the repressed adults are calling it?

This is not at all related to younger letter-writers, since I'm certain everyone involved was born before 1899, but yesterday's Annie's Mailbox must be read to be believed.

Lulu: A woman says her husband only enjoys "alternative" forms of sex - not "normal intercourse" - and Annie says he might be gay! And needs to see a doctor!

Ashley: What? ... Wait, what?

Lulu: What on earth does "alternative" mean? BSDM? Anal? Oral?

Ashley: It's totally anal. If she jumped to "gay"? It's got to be. I can't imagine anyone considers oral "alternative" anymore, do they?

Lulu: Either way, I can't imagine any form of sex a man would enjoy having with a woman that makes him gay. Wtf Annie.

Ashley: For reals.

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