Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Our first ever podcast! (and so totally last ever)

Lulu came to visit me over the weekend, and we read a bunch of the October 10th, 2010 columns with my (terrible) microphone on. Then we went through and the deleted the irrelevant discussions, and the "discussions" where we spend about five minutes looking up the Book of Exodus and other Exodus-titled books. The result can be downloaded here (about 25 minutes of audio): http://www.archive.org/details/MyImportantDramaEpisode110-09-2010

Some problems I've noticed but am not going to fix:
1) I forgot to append the intro. So you can't tell who is who! Mwahahah! (Ashley's voice is higher)

2) Man, the sound quality sucks.

3) We should probably come up with a list of columns we actually ended up talking about and the links to them.



  1. I am the one who sounds like an extremely gay 12-year-old boy!

  2. "I've read enough about marijuana to know that a couple of joints a week won't really do much harm." Then he goes on to say that he doesn't know what a gateway drug is, which leads me to believe that maybe he didn't do so much reading on the subject.

    The rest makes me think that he doesn't do so much reading at all. Ever.

    If you love pot keep smoking pot and maybe shut up about it (especially its medical benefits). If you continue to argue that you aren't addicted to a substance, it just makes you look more addicted to that substance. Smoke your smoke and try not to shoot heroin into your eyeballs.

    There was so much stuff, I couldn't keep track of it all!

  3. Okay, here are the links.

    1. We weigh in on an Ask Amy letter in which a high school students wonders how to complain about senior photos a friend took as a favor.

    2. We start to read Carolyn Hax, see "Gift of Fear" referenced, and get bored.

    3. We add very little to a Dear Abby discussion of an adult daughter who continually texts new boyfriends.

    4. We mock a 14-year-old divorced kid's apparently materialistic priorities in Hey Cherie.

    5. In Love Letters, we think a wanderlusting grad will find that the grass isn't always greener in LA, DC, or North Carolina.

    6. We firmly instruct a volunteer at a free peer tutoring center not to accept money from a confused student in The Ethicist.

    7-8. We tell kids interested in drugs and sex to google that shit. "I Use Marijuana, but I'm Not Hooked" and "I Favor Sex Education Programs" from Tween 12 and 20.


    Mostly regarding the volunteer who is considering (but ultimately decides against) charging a confused student - never do that! This is less about ethics than it is about the chances of getting caught. People talk about how much things cost, whether they think they are getting a good deal or ripped off, and word is likely going to get around. There is a reason scam artists and cons are not thematically known for their sedentary lifestyle on the homestead.