Friday, January 28, 2011

Inconsequential Friday: Email Sign-offs!

Lulu: Ask Amy had a question about teen sex, but what I'm MORE interested in is the last question which is about work email sign-offs!
Q. About two years ago I started getting e-mails from professional colleagues that were signed off with the word "Best."

Am I the only one who finds this grating and pompous? Or am I just being old-fashioned when I insist that the sender sign off with a phrase that actually means something?
Lulu: No, you're being irrational. No sign-off means anything after enough repetition.

Ashley: Yep. I hate sign-offs. I just go: "-Ashley"

Lulu: Yeah, so do I. I put "-Ashley" too. Just in case.

Ashley: What does this person want instead? "Love"?

Lulu: Would they be okay with "Sincerely"? Because there is a meaningless one. Not only is it used past the point where you think about what the word means, but what it does mean is, what, "The above is true"? There's nothing more suspect than calling attention to your own sincerity. Like when people say "To be honest..."

Ashley: Yeah. So, dude, my kindle...

Lulu: And then there's cheers. Don't get me started.

Ashley: I didn't.

Lulu: Exclusively used, as far as I can tell, by bosses, professors, and other people who would NOT appreciate it if you walked out in the middle of the day to go to the pub. FALSE ADVERTISING.

So, friends, how should you sign off an email? We did not come to a conclusion! Let us know your thoughts!

Until then, we remain,

Your faithful servants,

Lulu and Ashley


  1. A real and true hazard of email sign offs is using them in non-email situations. Voicemails, for example. I refuse to elaborate further.


  2. I work with some Brits. They get away with "Cheers!" (But then I am open to bailing on work and going to the pub for actual cheersing. at any time.)

    I say "Best" because: 1.) it's something, if you feel like something is needed 2.) it's a whole four letters and c.) it is kind of like saying "have a nice day" which, while also a meaningless, oft-repeated phrase, is still actually kind of nice, right?

    Warmest regards,