Thursday, January 27, 2011

Note to LWs: Include Detail In Your Drama

Lulu: I have several questions about Colin in today's Annie's Mailbox.

Ashley: One: What do they mean by "live morally"? No sex before marriage? Because if he wants to bring someone home for the holidays, that's good, right? He's in a committed relationship, etc?

Lulu: That's what I would think. I mean, obviously I agree with Annie's basic point that they have to separate his sexual orientation from his behavior, because it's not super relevant whether he's getting wasted and fucking lots of guys or lots of girls. Even that aside, I'm not sure what they mean by moral. To me, self-destructive is not necessarily amoral. Also I am unclear on what is meant by the term "sexual blackmail."

Ashley: That is weird.

Lulu: What expenses were involved in extricating him from his relationship? They mention medical bills for his STIs, but that seems tangential.

Ashley: Yeah, it's unclear what it is that they're referring to. I want to know the drama!

Lulu: Was the guy super abusive and they needed to get a lawyer and set up a restraining order and whatnot? I guess that's an expense.

Ashley: Not compared to like, college. It's like $50 tops.

Lulu: Was it really blackmail? Did they pay this guy hush money for something? What is there to hush up? Seems like Colin lives pretty out in the open.

Ashley: Maybe it was super weird sex... and the guy wants a political career?

Lulu: I don't think he is acting like someone who wants a political career. Anyway, that's not the parents' concern. Sure, it makes total sense that they'd step in if his health and safety were at issue but if the kid is worried about his reputation, that's his own too bad. Of course, in this case, it seems like the parents are way more invested in his reputation than he is. But if they willingly paid all kinds of extra cash to keep his situation quiet because they don't want the Joneses knowing their son is into weird stuff, then that's their own thing, that's not money he needs to pay back. I'd understand why he'd seem bitter or ungrateful about that.

Ashley: They seem like jackasses, with their I told you so attitude. "See, I told you not to be gay! But I will be a Good Person and Help You... if you live like I want!"

Lulu: He seems like he might be kind of a jackass, too. I mean, I think public drunkenness and sexual hijinks are valid lifestyle choices, it's the part where the LW says he's mean to people that rubs me the wrong way. Still, he's living with judgmental, stifling parents right now, so it could certainly be situational jackassery. Just another sign that he needs to move out. I know this is always our solution for older-teen dramas, but it's true! The drama's over now, he's got to get back out there now and live like an adult, even if he's living like an adult they wouldn't like to have over for tea.

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