Friday, September 3, 2010

Bonus post: vacation, and Al Pacino

Ashley is leaving on vacation tomorrow, so it looks like I will be on my own next week. Look forward to plenty of wishy-washy, ill-considered, unbroken blocks of text!

Speaking of fan fiction (we were, weren't we?), I have some bonus advice for a letter-writer in today's Dr. Lovemonkey.
I am a college student in my mid-20s and have been married for two-and-a half years to my husband, who is wonderful and who I adore. Here is my weird problem: for many years I've had a hopeless crush on Al Pacino. I know, I know, Al Pacino is old enough to be my grandfather. I have DVDs of all his movies and watch them almost every day. My husband initially found this rather funny and endearing and told me that he, too, was attracted to certain celebrities (he mentioned Cameron Diaz). Eventually he has become irritated because I insist that he watch the movies with me and I like to discuss and speculate about his personal life... [T]his is creating tension.
Dr. Lovemonkey tells her to develop some non-Al Pacino-related interests to share with her husband, but I have the opposite advice: she should get into online fandom and find some people who want to talk to her about her celebrity crush. It's possible my advice to everyone who has an obsession is to blog about it, but look how far that's taken me!

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  1. The real question is, how can she stand to be married to a man who finds Cameron Diaz attractive?