Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Fake Out

Lulu: Ooh, I didn't see yesterday's Ask Amy. There is a LONELY BOY. I guess our "join mathletes" advice would still apply.

Ashley: Oh, right. I saw that. I refuse to answer anything that asks how he can "have a personal, intimate relationship with a female."

Lulu: It does sound like he is talking about an animal.

Ashley: Right. It's creepy.

Lulu: "How can I have a personal relationship with a female specimen?"

Ashley: Ewww.

Lulu: "of the family Hesperiidae?"

Ashley: Ewwwwwww.


  1. I play video games, surf the internet, comment and occasionally (BUT NOT LATELY) steal the spotlight with guest spots on an advice blog, and I still have time for a social life.

    The LW's nerdy activities don't make him a loser; him being a loser makes him a loser. "I'm not spontaneous" is a weaksauce excuse not to hang out with your friends - pick a social event that other people like and start doing it. If you can't find any social activity that you enjoy either suck it up and pick one anyway or start growing your hermit beard, cuz you're dying alone.

  2. Wow, yea. I suspect that if you only talk to your "friends" before, during, and after class, they are actually what you call class-mates.