Friday, November 12, 2010

Loopy Friday Post! (contains digression about a bird)

I used the last letter on today's Tween 12 and 20 as a jumping off point to gauge Ashley's friendship.
I'm 15 and so is my best friend, Amanda. Amanda likes Zachary, and I thought he liked her, too, because they've gone out several times.

But last night, Zachary called me and asked me to go out with him. I was really surprised and kind of flattered because Zachary is very good-looking. When I reminded him that he was dating Amanda, he said he wasn't going steady with her. That's true. Amanda has told me that she would like to go steady with Zachary, but he hadn't asked her yet.

I told Zachary that I'd let him know about going out with him after I talked to Amanda. My question is, how should I present this to her without losing her as a best friend?
Dr. Wallace tells her to tell Amanda she will leave Zachary alone, although I notice he doesn't absolutely, positively tell her to actually leave him alone.
Tell Amanda that Zachary called and asked you out. Tell her your response to him. Then inform Amanda that she's your best friend and that you will tell Zachary thanks, but no thanks.
Lulu: What would you do? Bear in mind that Zachary is very good looking.

Ashley: I'd probably sleep with him and then dump him.

Lulu: Ha ha ha! Really?


Lulu: Weird! Did it bonk itself?

Ashley: Yes. But it didn't fall over. It just bonked into the window, looked confused, and flew off.

Lulu: I wonder why that doesn't happen more often.

Ashley: Maybe it does.

Lulu: I guess windows usually look dark going outside to inside? I bet they would fly at all the windows if you had one in your house.

Ashley: Yes they would.

Lulu: So if there was a guy that I was really super into, but we weren't exclusive, but i wanted to be, and he asked you out, you would sleep with him and then dump him?

Ashley: Well, I would tell you about him first, and presumably you'd stop wanting to be with him, since he's now a douche.

Lulu: Okay, that's what I wanted to know. If you would consult me. I would have no problem with you going for it after that. The question is just whether I would also stop seeing him. We could appear before him in matching outfits and say in creepy voices, "Come play with us Zachary."


  1. But presumably Ashley would not stop wanting to sleep with and then dump him even though he is now a douche?

    ... does Ashley think that one night stands are a good way to punish guys?

    Man-code requires that I say nothing further that might somehow shake this notion.

  2. I think the idea is that now that he is a douche, neither of us is interested in a relationship. But since he is beautiful, both of us are still interested in potentially sleeping with and then dumping him. And her sleeping with and then dumping him does not preclude my sleeping with and then dumping him.

    Admittedly this requires us both to be completely logical beings, with no special feelings about mentally downgrading somebody from nice and beautiful possible boyfriend to douchey yet beautiful potential sex object.