Monday, November 15, 2010

Password protection

Ashley: Did you read Carolyn's chat from Friday? There's an interesting comment that she agrees with:
Only reasons to hack email: You have been kidnapped and the police need leads.

You have expressed that you are likely to commit suicide and he is trying to find you.

You are a strung out crack/meth/heroin user and maybe something found in your email will help convince you to go to rehab.

Other than that - deal breaker.

Flip side - if you are in a long term & committed relationship and your partner has things password protected even from you (for no good reason) I also see that as a dealbreaker. I don't check my husbands email, but I could if I wanted to - he knows this so I have no need to and never have.

Carolyn Hax: Looks good to me, thanks.
Lulu: I don't think it's a dealbreaker if your partner password protects things from you!

Ashley: Precisely!

Lulu: Some things are just private. Personal emails/chats with friends, for example... (Unless you publish them on your blog.)

Ashley: Galahad knows I write [erotic fiction], but I don't want him reading [truly sick and wrong story Lulu is constantly goading Ashley to finish]. It's for his own good!

Lulu: I don't think I would be tempted to read my partner's email, if I had that access--and in fact the times when I've auto-logged-in I've just logged out again--but I can imagine someone for whom it would be a temptation, and it doesn't necessarily mean they are a bad person. Just curious, or impulsive, or a lover of hilarious pranks. Sometimes it's kinder to help a person keep themself out of trouble.

Ashley: Yeah. I know the idea is nice of trusting your partner not to look, but there's just basic protections you take that are not a reflection on the partner. It's just you not being retarded.

Lulu: Although... I know we have discussed passwords before... and I am pretty sure you could just log into my email any time you wanted.

Ashley: Yeah, same here.

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  1. I absolutely insist that people do not tell me their passwords because I will IMMEDIATELY stick my stupid nose where it doesn't belong. The only measure of self-control I have over this nosy impulse is that the few times somebody has accidentally told me their password I can at least tell them that they need to change that shit right away because otherwise I'm going to be reading their email in the next few seconds.

    Password things from your significant other because they might be deranged like Darnell!